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What Is Paraphrasing and The Reasons That Call for It?

You might have heard people asking for paraphrase my paper. Paraphrasing is about describing the same idea in different words. When a text is paraphrased, the resulting content conveys the same message, but words are not the same. There are different reasons for paraphrasing. The most important and common is to avoid plagiarism. In scientific papers, people have to cite the work of other researchers, but they cannot copy the content exactly and need to paraphrase it.

Secondly, when people want to publish their content online on different websites, they need to paraphrase it. Posting the same content on different webpages is not acceptable for different reasons.

Thirdly, some content is copyrighted and if you need to publish it for some reason, paraphrasing is required.  Moreover, sometimes the original text is very difficult and long, to make it easily understandable and precise we paraphrase it. These are just a few reasons, they can be many others too, depending on the situation.

Some people prefer to paraphrase on their own, some other use paraphrasing tools and some go for the services, who can rewrite essay online. Everyone has different preferences, but the important thing is to paraphrase correctly, according to the nature of the content.

2 Main Features of APA Format

APA format is considered as the most popular format for writing academic papers. So, when it comes to paraphrasing APA paraphrasing is preferred. APA style has some key features, which make it different from the other formatting styles. For instance, in APA style, page numbers start from the title page, double spaced is used between lines and paragraphs are an indent. You can use APA paraphrasing service and the experts can take care of all the APA paraphrasing requirements. If we talk about two distinctive features of APA format, they can be

  • The style of citation in the text and in list
  • Style of writing heading and subheading

You can find paraphrasing APA tool, which can paraphrase your content, but the accuracy of such tools is not guaranteed. 

The Complete Guide on APA Paraphrasing

APA paraphrasing is not easy. You need to take care of very minute details. You can see an APA paraphrasing example for guidance. Here is the complete guide for APA paraphrasing, which can help you to paraphrase properly.

Using In-Text Citation

When you are paraphrasing APA in text citation, you need to use the last name of the author and the year of publication inside the parentheses. It can be used at the end of a sentence or at the beginning, according to the structure of the sentence.

Citing web pages

Now a day, a lot of information is quoted from different web pages. If you want to cite a webpage, you need to start with the last name of the author and the initial letter of the first name. Then you will write the year, month and date in the parentheses. In the end, the title of the article will be mentioned.

Cite Direct quote

When you need to cite a direct quote, the last name of the author, year of publication and page number of the original text will be mentioned inside the parentheses. If it’s from a website and there is no page number, you need to mention the number of paragraphs.

Cite the different number of authors

If there are two authors, the last names of both and the year of publication will be mentioned in parentheses. The same will go to the six authors. For more than six authors, the name of the first author will be mentioned and et.al will be used with it.

Useful Tips for Paraphrasing

As mentioned earlier paraphrasing in APA style is not easy. If you want to paraphrase on your own, the following few tips can help you.

  • Change the voice. Usually, the text is written in an active voice. You can change the voice from active to passive or vice versa. It will change the sentence structure and content will be different from the original. 
  • Use synonyms. Replace the main words with synonyms. You can use a dictionary or thesaurus for this purpose.
  • Merge sentences. You can merge two or three small sentences into a single sentence. It will help in effective paraphrasing.
  • Change the order. You can start your sentence where it ends in the original text. Writing the last part of the sentence first is a good paraphrasing technique.
  • Use quotation marks. Whenever you have to quote the exact words, use quotation marks. Otherwise, it will be considered plagiarism. 

Why Should You Come to The Service for Paraphrasing?

How to use paraphrasing in APA is a common question. Because paraphrasing seems easy but actually it’s not. That is the reason, the majority of people prefer to hire professional services. Professional experts know all the techniques required for paraphrasing and APA paraphrasing particularly. Secondly, they can do the job quickly, when it’s about large documents. Moreover, they can do it accurately. They have experience of paraphrasing technical documents, which is not easy to rewrite for a common person.

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