Plagiarism Prevention Facts and Stats

Do you want to learn of the best ways to prevent plagiarism in your paper? Reword the facts from paper—the best way to get rid of plagiarism and to prevent yourself from being caught by your professor. In today’s post, check out how to reword essays correctly.
Plagiarism Prevention

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Top Reasons to Get Rid of Plagiarism

  • 59% of high school students are said to be cheating on a test
  • 1 out of 3 high school students plagiarize
  • 95% confessed to copying someone’s homework

Who copies a few sentences from the net without footnoting?

  • Undergraduate students – 36%
  • Graduate students – 24%

Who copies a few sentences from written sources without footnoting?

  • Undergraduate students – 38%
  • Graduate students – 25%

Who fabricates or falsifies a bibliography?

  • Undergraduate students – 14%
  • Graduate students – 7%

Who copies almost word for word from a written source without citing?

  • Undergraduates – 4%
  • Graduates – 7%

Who turns in work done by another student?

  • Undergraduates – 3%
  • Graduates – 7%

Who obtains their paper from term paper mills?

  • Undergraduates – 3%
  • Graduates – 2%

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Effective Tips for Plagiarism Prevention

  • Take note and monitor your sources, including print and electronic sources
  • Maintain the correct context of your sources
  • Do not cut and paste, but you should be able to learn how to file and label your sources
  • Keep notes and draft in separate files
  • Keep your own writing and your sources separate
  • Reword in your notes carefully
  • Avoid reading your classmates’ work for inspiration
  • Do not save the citations you are using later
  • Prepare early
  • Keep a list or source trail
  • Quote your sources correctly

There you have the facts to know about plagiarizing that you should take note of to get rid of it in your paper as well as helpful tips in rewording your paper properly. In the task, take note that you are paraphrasing your sources and citing them in your paper, keeping the thoughts or ideas intact without copying what the author/s has/have mentioned in the original text.

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