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Why Do You Want to Reword Essays?

Rewording or paraphrasing an essay is rewriting it into completely different words while still conveying the same message to the reader. Your rewritten essay should cover all of the same points that the original as well as follow the plagiarism preventiondid while being in a completely different structure and using different wording.

This is required for some of the following reasons:

  • So that you can use the essay in more than one place without having any issues with plagiarism or copying
  • So that you can improve on something that was poorly written
  • To make the essay more engaging
  • To simplify an essay so that it is easier for people to understand
  • To write targeting a completely different audience

Rewording however is not always as simple as it first sounds. Rewording is not just doing the following:

Changing the order of the words, sentences or paragraphs
Swapping each word for its synonym so that all of the words are different
Removing the sentences and words that you feel personally add little

How Do You Reword Essays for Me?

To rewrite essay pages is actually relatively simple when you bear in mind that you are not undertaking a mechanical operation that would be done by a simple piece of software. You are not looking to just change the text around you are looking to actually repeat the meaning in your own words. So to paraphrase essay online effectively you need to do the following:

  • Read through the essay and ensure that you recognize and understand all of the different points that it raises.
  • Make brief notes in your own unique words of all of the points raised in the essay
  • Highlight any text that you may want to repeat verbatim
  • Identify exactly who your audience is and your reasons for rewriting
  • Rewrite using just your notes and without any reference back to the original text
  • Compare the rewritten text to the original to identify any text that has been unwittingly copied or points that may have been missed and make any required alterations
  • Carefully review and proofread your writing

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Rewording essays is not a task for just anyone as it requires a full understanding of the text which is why we always provide you with rewriting experts that are:

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